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Motor-Bike Insurance

Type of Insurance

Motorbike Insurance - Protecting Your Rides and Yourself
Motorbikes deliver freedom, adventure and economical transportation. But the open road comes loaded with risks to both riders and their bikes - collisions, theft, vandalism and more. Motorbike insurance mitigates financial threats so you can confidently ride without breaking the bank after accidents.

Must-Have Motorbike Insurance Coverages  

Most states require minimum liability insurance on registered motorbikes to cover injuries or damage inflicted on others when riders are deemed at-fault after accidents. Common additional coverages to consider include:

Comprehensive - Covers repairing or replacing your motorbike after incidents like theft, vandalism, fire, extreme weather, collisions with animals and more regardless of fault.  

Collision - Similar to comprehensive but covers damage to your motorbike specifically resulting from collisions with other vehicles or objects. Usually requires you carry comprehensive too.

Uninsured Motorist - Protects you and your passengers if involved in a collision caused by a motorist with little or no insurance to pay for your injuries.

Accessory Coverage - Protects custom parts, equipment, saddlebags and gear (helmets, jackets, boots) added to your bike if damaged or stolen.

Towing/Roadside Assistance - Covers cost of towing your disabled bike to a repair shop after breakdowns or accidents.

Filing Claims
Responsibly maintaining your motorbikes and gear goes a long way preventing damage. But when accidents happen, promptly report incidents providing dates, times, locations, parties involved and description of events. Cooperate fully during claim investigations providing any documentation needed so repairs happen quickly.

While motorbikes remain exposed on roads, the right insurance coverage promotes confident riding knowing you are protected when the unexpected occurs. Consult insurance agents to ensure unique bikes and accessories receive tailored protections.

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